If you are a Xiaomi fan, you have reason to have « hype »: these are the news that the company works on.

The most enthusiastic about Xiaomi mobiles have reason to be expectant about what is to come to the terminals of the brand.

Several patents registered by the company have revealed some of the more interesting news that will soon arrive at their terminals.

One of them indicates that Xiaomi mobiles with camera under the screen they will be a reality very soon. The other, on the other hand, reveals one most ingenious function with which Xiaomi wants to rid its users of spam calls.

The first Xiaomi mobile with an under-screen camera is on its way

Redmi Note 9 Pro, one of the latest Xiaomi phones.

For several months now, we know that Xiaomi is working on creating a mobile whose front camera is located hidden under the screen. Just a few weeks ago, the brand showcased its under-screen camera technology on video, proving that the system is almost ready.

And now, based on information from the Chinese portal Weibo, we know that the brand the third generation of this technology would have already begun to mass-produce, which indicates that the brand’s first mobile with an on-screen camera it’s very, very close.

That of Xiaomi, yes, will not be the first in having a hidden camera. This merit goes to the ZTE Axon 20, the first mobile on the market with a front camera under the screen, which can be purchased in China since September 10, and will soon land in the rest of the regions.

Xiaomi patents a solution to block spam calls

On the other hand, we have been able to see a patent filed by Xiaomi before the Chinese intellectual property office, which describes a spam call blocking system on the brand’s mobiles.

This patent, filed in 2014 but not approved until this week, is capable of automatically detect phone numbers belonging to advertising companies or that are somehow related to spam campaigns, and automatically block their calls without the need to alert users.

When the call has been blocked, yes, the user will be notified that someone has tried to contact you, but the system has determined that the call was not wanted.

We do not know if this function will eventually reach MIUI, although it is quite likely considering that other firms such as Samsung or Google already offer the possibility of identify SPAM calls automatically. I’m afraid we will have to wait until we know Xiaomi’s plans in this regard.

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