Two free throws win the Suns and, on the rebound, the Lakers

The Western Conference is on fire. The ten teams are already classified, yes, but it is necessary to see in what positions. That’s where the fight is, which has gotten pretty for the last weekend of the regular season.. What has put the most fuel on the fire has been the meeting between Suns and Blazers. The Lakers, the team that seeks to surpass those of Terry Stotts in the classification and get rid of the dreaded play-in, have benefited without playing and already salivate with what comes next.

The Suns beat the Trail Blazers by 117-116. It couldn’t have been otherwise. By one. And going back in the last seconds. High tension in the end and two free throws that Devin Booker He was in charge of putting ice in his veins to make up the final score.

With Dallas a step above and with two easy games to finish the play-in, it will be between the Blazers and Lakers. The Angelenos, with one game less, are also one victory away from tying and with LeBron James back and Dennis Schröder active to help they have Pelicans and Pacers ahead. The Oregonians have only one game left and it is against the Nuggets, a high-level team. Pure fire to avoid one, two or elimination in the form of additional matches.

A fantastic duel. The liveliness of the Suns, active to the point of saying enough and with an outside defense to study, was joined by a line of little Blazers who is a devil. The spectator could rub his eyes to see if he could see well, the game was worth it and not blink. Lillard and McCollum pulled individualities and survived, which is a measure of how good they are.

Chris Paul did not let go of the wheel and increased the pace in the third quarter, where the locals managed a small distance. But it was another point guard, Cameron Payne, who would come out as the Suns’ secret weapon: 21 points, including 11 in the fourth quarter.

The Blazers entered seven behind in the final quarter and came back from the disadvantage, they simply did not control the end and left empty. With Saric missing three of four on free throws and a layup from Lillard put Portland three over with half a minute to go, but Bridges did hit two, Covington trembled and missed two, Booker hit two again. A bad pass and reception left McCollum’s final shot invalid. The lack of Powell or Booker, very fair.

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