Two contractors found dead in Oklahoma dam explosion

Of the 3 workers, only one survived.

Photo: Courtesy / Google Maps

Last Wednesday 12 May late night he checked in an explosion at the Kerr Dam, located southeast of Tulsa in Oklahoma, incident that has left as a balance 2 people dead.

Although the incident was recorded a couple of days ago, it was not until Friday morning that Grand River Dam authorities released the data on this accident, as well as the identity of the deceased.

The explosion occurred just before 6 p.m. and at that time, found 3 contractors doing drilling work, a routine task, about 80 feet from the top of the dam.

Justin Alberty, spokesman for the Grand River Dam Authority, indicated in an interview with KJRH-TV, that it was not until this morning that the contractors were found; 2 had died while the other survived the blast. Although he initially refused medical assistance, he was eventually transferred to a hospital in Pryor to rule out any major life-threatening damage.

For his part, John Wiscaver, executive vice president of GRDA, the company for which these contractors worked, published a statement to give an explanation of what happened that says the following:

“At approximately 4:30 am this morning, Friday May 14, recovery teams were able to recover the bodies of two men who had been trapped inside the Kerr Dam. Both men were contractors. No GRDA employees were involved in the incident, ”the statement said.

Wiscaver added that a full investigation into the incident is underway to determine what was the cause while Alberty indicated that the explosion did not compromise the structure of the Kerr Dam.

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