Two Alexa at home? Yes, only if you have more than four rooms

In the case of Alexa, the device just turned two years old in the country and in Expansión we tested its most recent devices: the Echo and the fourth generation Echo Dot. The specific differences with respect to the previous generation is that this pair of devices have a design in the shape of a ball and therefore have a silhouette that stands out more but does not look bad for that, on the contrary, it seems to me that it was a very positive design change.

To complement the test experience, I connected the assistants to a Philips Hue bulb and a Xiaomi dimmer, both compatible with Alexa, and played with them in my department. The first thing I did with these equipment was the classic: ‘turn off the light’ or ‘reduce the intensity of the first light’, in addition to the classic phrases to play music and audio content.

Although the assistant I connected the lights to was the Echo, I tried to assign tasks to the Echo Dot in another room and while it also fulfilled its assistance functions, I had to rename the assistants so that they would not activate both when they were so close to each other.

With this in mind I decided to try them in another space, and taking advantage of the fact that I was going to visit my parents, I decided to carry them. It should be noted that, like most of those who live in Mexico City, I live in an apartment where the distances between one room and another are not as great as they are in a house.

But hey, when I got to my parents’ house I decided to install the light bulb and dimmer so that I could test the equipment and one of the first changes I made was to send the equipment from corner to corner. The Echo I left in the dining room of the house, while the Echo Dot I installed in the guest room, about 30 meters away from each other.