Twitter will transfer @POTUS account to Joe Biden on January 20

It is not necessary to do an excessive consumption of neurons to realize that in Twitter dispatches Donald Trump, the still president of the United States, is not a particularly pleasant person. Of course, we can say the same about the opinion of the eccentric and media multimillionaire on the social network of the little bird. Obviously Trump has been far more categorical in his attacks on Twitter, but, and with all the reasons in the world to do so, it is easy for me to imagine the smile on the face of the person who was marking as unreliable all Trump tweets about the alleged massive electoral fraud that has stolen his second term. .

It is curious, however, because in reality there has been a curious symbiosis between both entities, Twitter and Trump. The president has not hesitated to use the social network as a speaker for his… well, his thoughts and tribulations, which has given him much more visibility than the official media available to the presidency, and Twitter for its part has benefited from all the movement that they have generated. And is that Trump may be a boomer, but his relationship with Twitter seems like a true millennial.

This love-hate relationship will experience, on January 20, a new and important milestone, since as we can read on Gizmodo, such a day @POTUS account will be transferred to Joe Biden, winner (if the US Supreme Court does not prevent it) of the presidential elections that we have been so absorbed and entertained these last weeks. A transfer of power that has a lot of symbolic today, since it represents an informal transfer of power and, more importantly, the recognition by Twitter that Joe Biden has won the elections.

If you are not familiar with the acronym POTUS, you should know that once unzipped means President Of The United States, has been around for a long time and gained some public prominence after the first episode of The West Wing of the White House. To this day, among many other uses, it is the name used for the Twitter account that the social network places in the hands of the President of the United States and, therefore, reassigns its new owner when there is a new tenant in the 1,600 of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Twitter will transfer @POTUS account to Joe Biden on January 20

It is true, that yes, that unlike Barack Obama, who did use @POTUS during his presidency, Trump has preferred to continue using primarily his personal account, @realDonaldTrump. Furthermore, if we review their activity in recent days, we will see that @POTUS has been used to retweet messages from the personal account, along with messages from the official White House account and from some accounts of people in their close circle.

Even so, and with a legion of lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani, the mediatic ex-mayor of New York, there is no doubt that the recognition of Twitter to Joe Biden must not have made him too funny Donald Trump. So much so that It would be expected that he would publish a tweet (how paradoxical, right?) criticizing the social network for such a measure. Obviously it wouldn’t do much good but what the hell? It would be funny.