According to Twitter, this function will not only serve so that users can avoid the incidence of trolls

It has also been used since May to organize interviews, round tables and similar projects.

It also reaffirms that it could facilitate quick announcements to the audience, something that could be useful to brands

There is a constant problem in social networks: bullying and cyberbullying. It is a situation that has gotten out of control and that several platforms have not known how to solve effectively. And is that despite all its filters and automated controls, millions of people every day are victims of this type of online aggression. So various agents, including Twitter, are trying to put more control over their experience to people.

Through a statement, the microblogging platform announced the arrival of a new function for its users. People, starting today, will be able to decide which people can or cannot reply to their posts. This is a feature that Twitter introduced a few months ago as part of a limited test. However, this announcement shows that you are satisfied with the results, as the tool can now be used worldwide.

In order to use this function, people will be able to access a new menu at the bottom of the screen where the answer options are displayed. Before posting, people will be able to decide if anyone can have a say, just the individuals that are followed by the account in question, or just the profiles that are mentioned in the post. The base Twitter experience will be open to everyone, just as it has worked for today and for years on the site.

A good feature for Twitter?

In recent years, several social networks have been adding filters and options so that all users only receive the comments they want to see. Last year Instagram, much like Twitter, presented a tool so that people could block followers without them noticing. It also recently released a list of accounts that should be restricted. Facebook, for its part, made some changes for the children’s experience.

Related Notes

But we must return to the Twitter proposal. At the time it was seen with very good eyes. In the end, these types of controls will help reduce the type of interactions that can be experienced on social networks that are not to the liking of consumers. Bullying, harassment and in general trolls may stop being such a constant problem. In this sense, it is a function that could make Jack Dorsey’s platform a healthier and more attractive place than his enemies.

However, it must be accepted that there could be a potential for abuse, especially among the more public users of Twitter. Specifically when it refers to public agents or political figures. There have already been cases of officials in the social network who have tried to delete messages or followers that are negative to their image. With these types of restrictions, it could be the case of individuals who artificially censor some of their opponents.

Cyber-bullying and its implications in social networks

But it must be accepted that regardless of whether the Twitter project has the potential for abuse or not, its positive impact on the industry would still outweigh it. And it is that since 2013 that phenomena such as cyberbullying are among the main causes of death among young people. The overall impact of social media on mental health is one of the most controversial and worrying topics on the market. And the numbers are getting scarier every day.

But alongside the personalization tools of Twitter and rivals, there are other strategies that could be employed to try to reduce the incidence of these phenomena. According to Reach Out, it is important that users themselves take personal action against this phenomenon. Media Smarts notes that parents and schools must also do their part to limit these incidents. And according to Everfi it is important to understand its causes and nature.