Twitter will allow you to listen to audio in your ‘timeline’

Twitter introduced the audio card feature that allows device users to listen to audio on their timeline

(CNNMexico) – The social network Twitter added the audio card function that allows users of iOS and Android devices to listen to audio directly on their timeline after an agreement reached with the streaming platform SoundCloud.

“Some of the most influential musicians and producers share audio content through Twitter every day, today we are presenting a new way for you to experience it directly on Twitter,” the social network reported on its official blog.

Users can listen to the streaming audio and view information and art in full screen or minimize it without interrupting the content and continue browsing the application, Twitter reported.

The audio card feature is still limited and so far it can only be used by SoundCloud partners. However, the network plans to make it accessible to more people in the future, “so that many more artists and creators can share exclusive content” with millions of people.

Accounts that can currently share audio, such as podcasts, music, and other types of content include the White House (@WhiteHouse), NASA (@NASA), the Washington Post (@washingtonpost), the Coldplay group (@ Coldplay) and David Guetta (@davidguetta), you can see the full list here.

Guetta took advantage of the launch of the new feature on Thursday to share his new single Dangerous, which he performs alongside Sam Martin.

The social network reported that through @TwitterMusic they will announce the new accounts that will be able to use the audio card.

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