The proximity of the US presidential elections is leading Twitter to reevaluate the dynamics of content dissemination on its social network. And that goes through test new techniques to encourage your users to be well informed than they share.

If Facebook has already tried to address this problem on WhatsApp by limiting the number of times each user could forward the same message, Twitter is testing (for now, only in its mobile version, and not to all its users) to display a message that encourages users to previously read the links they are trying to retweet.

We share without reading, and then what happens happens

Six years ago, the CEO of Chartbeat (a real-time measurement of web traffic) revealed in the middle of a tweet debate that his company had not detected a correlation between the number of times content is shared on networks and the number of visits it receives.

Thus, an article could be shared millions of times but only visited a few thousand, for example. And things don’t seem to have changed much in more than five years: in many cases, users share news only based on the headline, which sometimes contributes to the dissemination of hoaxes.

With this decision, Twitter aims to instill a ‘sense of responsibility’ among its users. The message (which will be shown to all those who have not opened a link from the Twitter app) it will ask the user if they do not prefer to open it and read it before.

Twitter product manager Kayvon Beykpour said, “It’s easy for links to go viral on Twitter. This can be as powerful as it is dangerous, especially if people have not read the content they are broadcasting.”

TwitterTwitter “Sharing an article can lead to a discussion, so you may want to read it before tweeting it.”

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