Twitter suspends León Larregui account for publishing fake news about the COVID-19 vaccine – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

Twitter canceled the account of singer León Larregui for publishing conspiracy theories towards the vaccine against COVID-19, as happened with actress Patricia Navidad and former President Donald Trump.

The lead singer of Zoé made a series of publications through his account asking people not to get vaccinated, since, according to him, it really is a DNA implant to make people dependent on the pharmaceutical empire.

“Do not get vaccinated, there are treatments, crispr technology is not safe yet, it is an implant in the DNA that will make you dependent on the upgrades of the pharmaceutical empire, the new facet of control, of Rome! They will threaten me or invent things about me … but it’s the truth ”.

Immediately some followers of the singer commented in his publication showing that they disagree with this position, to which Larregui responded “I invite you to get vaccinated, there you tell me how you are doing”, “Poor band, what a poor youth.”

Minutes later, León’s account was canceled, because he is an artist with thousands of followers who is spreading false information about the coronavirus and the vaccine.

In recent weeks the social network has been very aware of the information that is shared on the platform, sanctioning those who incite hatred or share fake news about the pandemic, which is why Twitter monitors more those who violate its terms and conditions.

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