Twitter Spaces now available to everyone, although it requires a certain number of followers

05/04/2021 at 4:27 PM CEST

Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

For some time we have been able to see how Spaces, the new Twitter feature, has been gaining popularity on the social network. Basically it is an environment in which to participate with other users by voice, resembling what could be a podcast. In this way, we can participate in talks as listeners, or even as chat rooms, if the chat administrators allow us. Thus, spontaneously casual conversations are created, being able to discuss on any subject in question. Now this feature has finally reached the whole world, although a requirement essential to be able to use it.

As they have announced from Twitter, to make use of this new function we must have at least 600 followers. In the event that we do not reach this figure, at the moment it will not be possible for us to start talks through this feature. This is logical, because to enjoy an optimal experience, those users who have a somewhat more extensive fan base will find this tool more useful. From TechCrunch they have ensured that the figure has a reason. And it is that as they were able to know through those responsible for the social network, this limit has been based on the multiple Spaces tests that have been over the last months. Nevertheless, the intention of Twitter is to bring Spaces to the whole world, so this feature is likely to reach your entire mass of users.

After the success of Clubhouse and the rise of the audio format as entertainment, several platforms have chosen to offer similar services. With Spaces, even content creators can charge to access their audio broadcasts, being one more way to monetize this type of content.