Twitter allegedly had a series of preliminary talks with TikTok to buy the Asian platform. Given these rumors, it has been reported that yesterday, Monday, August 10, the shares of the social network with the logo of the bird rose 5% in the morning.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal (via), the fact that Twitter could buy TikTok would prevent the mini short video program from being vetoed by the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Although everything seems to indicate that an agreement is very close to being reached, nothing is certain yet. In fact, the report affirms that the blue application is fearful about the possibility of securing a deal, since there are still internal doubts about whether the expense can be paid.

It is striking that, previously, Twitter had already bought a video site: the defunct Vine. For this reason, experts think that there should not be much problem when carrying out the transaction, which could serve to save Beijing-based TikTok from being seen as a monopoly, which in part is what is threatening its existence within the neighboring country.

It is not surprising that this sudden interest is emerging. After all, if the TikTok service were integrated to those already offered by the interconnection company, it would certainly be adding a lot of value to its capital that, until now, is approximately $ 30,000 million.

In addition, another reason why it is urgent that the Chinese platform be bought by another company is that, within his threat of veto, the president assured that the project had to be acquired so as not to disappear within 45 days.

On the other hand, there is the following obstacle: Microsoft is also participating in the race to take control of the appSo who will dominate the market for micro recordings?

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