Twitter officially launches the Fleets, its stories in the purest Instagram style

Today we have to talk about news on Twitter, the kind that you do not know very well if you will use them beyond the day of its launch. And no, among them is not the editing of tweets. Although there are many users who ask for it, it seems that it will remain forever as one of the eternal memes of the social network. Today plays something more ephemeral.

Twitter FleetsThe Fleets, the Twitter stories, reach the users of the social network.

Some time ago, Twitter presented a new experiment for its users. Specifically, a way of imitating Instagram stories, albeit Twitter-style, that is, with the text as the main character. Now, the “Fleets” are among us officially. With them, we can share moments that will remain in our profile for only 24 hours.

This format, in the words of Twitter design director Joshua Harris to CNBC, seeks to make people “feel more comfortable joining the conversations.” Of course, it is necessary to remember that, although temporary, the Fleets can be captured by other users. That is to say, not anything goes with them, nor are they a carte blanche to bother.

Along with the fleets, Twitter has also presented the Spaces. This function will allow us to create chats in which we can have audio conversations with other users. In this case, the company will be even more cautious than usual at launch, as they are still looking for an effective way to moderate these voice communications.

Specifically, Spaces will be available first to women and users belonging to marginalized groups. The reason behind this choice, according to Maya Gold Patterson of Twitter’s product design team, is that they are profiles that receive a high level of harassment on the social network.

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As for Fleets, its official launch has started today, and is expected to be available to all users in the next few weeks. What is not entirely clear is whether users will use it as often as it happens with Instagram stories.