Phil Jones, a player for the English club Manchester United, may not be the best defender in the world, but that is no reason for a footballer to be publicly displayed. This lesson was taken up by the social network Twitter, which was beaten in networks after making a « joke » on the English footballer that caused the outrage of hundreds of users. This is the story:

The official Twitter account in the UK invited users to “name a better player than Phil Jones”. The comment had a clear sarcasm that was not well seen by Twitter followers and the British footballer. In a matter of minutes, the comments to the contrary were immediate:

“We may not want Phil Jones to wear the United jersey, but he is a human being who deserves respect. This is online bullying, but hey, Twitter doesn’t care, ”protested a user.

“There is no question why this platform is so toxic and sick. How can we expect them to take action against abusive and negative accounts when they write things like that themselves? ”Said another tweeter.

Faced with the response of the tweeters, the social network itself came out to publicly apologize, arguing that what it was trying to do was a ‘demonstration’ of the new platform service, which allows users to choose who can replicate their tweets. In fact, what this function seeks is precisely to stop harassment in networks and offensive comments. On Twitter, the shot backfired.

« It was not our intention to upset anyone, » reads the end of the Twitter statement, « and once we realized our mistake, we immediately deleted the tweet. » Apparently it was the own club where Jones plays, Manchester United, who complained to the social network about the message, prompting the issuance of this public apology.

What is the new Twitter feature about?

It has emerged that Twitter has made available to its users the function of choosing who can respond to comments. In this way, the social network seeks to stop hateful messages and offensive conversations between users. Before an Internet user publishes a message, Twitter will offer three options: that everyone can respond in a traditional way; that only the user’s contacts on Twitter can respond; or that only those mentioned in the tweet can reply.

If an Internet user does not have the authorization to reply to a tweet, this option will appear blocked and grayed out, although they will be able to see that message, retweet it and even give it a « Like ». This is one of many measures that social networks have begun to take to avoid bad user experiences on them. Above all, what is sought is to curb the type of comments that promote intolerance or racial hatred.

To illustrate the above, we can mention the case of Facebook, which announced that between April and June it eliminated more than double the content considered hateful than in the previous quarter. The foregoing coincided with the start of the advertising boycott against the company, instigated precisely by its scant attention to the hate messages that proliferate on its platform.

Who is Phil Jones?

Jones debuted with Blackburn Rovers, but in 2011 he was acquired by Manchester United. With the Red Devils team he has won the Premier League in 2012-13 and the UEFA Europa League in 2016-17. At the moment there are rumors that his future would be with a Serie A club in Italy given the few minutes of play he has had this season with his current team.