Twitter launches private voice messages, but only on iOS and Android

Twitter is testing a new function to send direct voice messages. This feature is already available in some countries, including Brazil, India, and Japan.

Twitter users in the aforementioned countries can now send direct voice messages to anyone. However, like tweets, have a limitation: 140 seconds.

That Twitter limits the duration of voice messages makes sense, since it is a social network of short messages. However, that time limit could be a bit tight for some users.

New direct voice messages can be sent from the IOS and Android Twitter. This function does not allow you to make recordings from the browser, but to listen to the received messages.

Twitter India CEO Manish Maheshwari told The Indian Express that the voicemails were intended to “give people a new way to express themselves and help them connect through nuance, emotion, and empathy“.

Twitter experiments with voice

Twitter Audio Spaces - Audio Spaces

In these times when Clubhouse, a social network in which audio conversations are the protagonists, captures the attention of many users, Twitter is experimenting with voice.

Late last year, Twitter began testing a feature called “Audio Spaces“With it they allow you to create virtual chat rooms. A system very similar to the one implemented in the Clubhouse.

In the statement announcing the new feature, they indicated that they would be testing it on a small group of users. However, almost two months have passed since then and this has not changed much.

Twitter has also incorporated voice tweets. Under the premise that “280 characters are sometimes enough for us”, they added this function to add audio to messages.

This feature has been available for more than eight months. Its operation is very simple, you just have to touch the record button in the tweet creation window.

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