Twitter launches Fleets around the world: ephemeral stories like those of Instagram, but on Twitter

In March, Twitter began experimenting with ephemeral content using Fleets, a new sharing feature on the social network. ephemeral stories similar to those of Instagram. This Tuesday, after almost nine months of testing, the company decided to launch it around the world, thus offering a new way of communicating through the blue bird’s social network.

The Fleets, as with Instagram stories, appear at the top of the timeline and are automatically deleted after 24 hours. With this new way of sharing content on Twitter, the company wants platform users to share their emotions and thoughts without having to worry that these will be recorded on their profile indefinitely. The new feature, based on feedback collected over the past few months, also makes people chat more frequently on Twitter.

Twitter Fleets

On the fleets, users can share texts, images, videos or even tweets from any Twitter user. They can also customize the background color or modify the style of the text they attach to the Fleet. The dynamic, in this sense, is similar to what Snapchat and Instagram have popularized.

The Fleets are visible to anyone who follows you on Twitter. Responses are also sent via direct messages rather than publicly. Therefore, if you have direct messages open, anyone can reply to one of your fleets.

When will the Twitter Fleets be available?


The Twitter Fleets will progressively reach all platform users over the next few days. These will be implemented both in the application for iOS and in its corresponding variant for Android.

In the statement, the company assures that Fleets will evolve over time based on the feedback they receive from users. Soon, in fact, live broadcasts and stickers will also be compatible with Fleets. So it seems that this is just the beginning of ephemeral content on the blue bird social network.

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