Twitter has marked as “manipulated” a video that Donald Trump shared a few hours ago on his Twitter account, considering that its content violates the rules of the social network.

The relationship between the President of the United States and Twitter is not at its best, since a few weeks ago they marked other Trump tweets as “potentially misleading” and the tycoon counterattacked, threatening to close social networks.

Edited and with a false CNN label

This time it’s about an edited version of a video that went viral last year, in which two children (one white and one black) appear hugging each other on the street and the CNN logo.

The “manipulated” version that Trump has shared begins with a label that reads “terrified child runs away from a racist baby,” followed by “the racist baby is likely to be a Trump voter.”

Faded to black next to the message “what really happened” and we see the original video, in which the two children hug. The clip ends with “America is not the problem. Fake news is.”

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Twitter has clarified that in September 2019 CNN shared a video that went viral in which he saw the friendship between two children. Instead, “this Thursday the president shared a version of this video that many journalists have confirmed that it is edited and manipulated with a false CNN label. ”

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Facebook and the triangle used in Nazi Germany

In addition to what happened on Twitter, Facebook reported a few hours ago that they have removed ads and publications from the campaign for the reelection of the President of the United States, considering that they contained a symbol used in Nazi Germany.

It is an inverted red triangle, and the Nazis used it to mark political prisoners in concentration camps. Facebook has argued that they have decided to withdraw these ads because they violate its guidelines against organized hate groups.

“Our policy prohibits the use of a symbol of a prohibited hate group to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or explains that symbol.”

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This inverted red triangle accompanied publications related to Trump’s re-election campaign, in which there was a message requesting to sign a manifesto condemning Antifa: the “organization” that Trump wants to define as a terrorist due to racial unrest.


Twitter tags a video shared by Trump as “manipulated” and Facebook removes ads from his campaign for including a Nazi symbol


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