Twitter is an outcry against TVE for what happened at the opening of the Tokyo Games

A moment of the ceremony. (Photo: TVE)

Finally came the day. Millions of people were waiting for this July 23, the day the Tokyo Olympics began.

They do it a year late due to the coronavirus pandemic and in a very special way, since due to the situation there will be no public in the tests.

TVE has turned to the broadcast of the event from the beginning, the opening ceremony. For this they have counted the presence of Olympic medalists such as Gervasio Deferr, Gemma Mengual or David Cal.

In addition, the mythical Paloma del Río and Almudena Cid have been to comment on the gala, but Twitter has become a clamor against the show prepared by TVE.

The reason? The commentators have been explaining point by point what was happening in the stadium and hundreds of users have complained because they did not hear what was happening and have asked that TVE not speak so much to be able to hear.

Here are some examples:

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