Javier Clemente does not flatten out. The former Spanish coach continues to give his opinion on the coronavirus crisis and mainly on some aspects of management that do not convince him. This was expressed a few days ago on Twitter, some words that should not have liked too much Óscar Puente, socialist mayor of Valladolid, who responded to the Basque coach’s statements with an ironic provocation.

Clemente came to say that healthy people should be able to go outside and work so that the country was not completely stopped. For this, massive tests are needed and for now this route is not being possible. A theory to which the Alderman of Valladolid hesitantly responded to the Basque, calling him “minister” although without mentioning him on Twitter: “We have always said that every Spaniard locks up a football coach. What we didn’t know is that each football coach locks up a Minister of Health ».

In any case, the answer was read by Clemente, who, far from getting tired and silent, answered Óscar Puente without hiding himself, mentioning: «I do not personally know the mayor of Valladolid, a city where I really enjoyed and I have several friends. But to the mayor, tell him that you are the Minister of Health for nothing. And it is true that a lot of healthy people are at home instead of going to work because they don’t have a test ».

Clarify your posture

The coach clarified his posture hours later on Radio Marca: «Everything went wrong from the beginning. I am not against what the government is doing, Although there are things that I do not like, but they have enough with what they have. But they started badly. When the bug came to Spain, if the government says that they have tried to bring masks, respirators, gowns and tests to do to the entire population, but we do not have a problem and we do not have any of this. “

«The key is to take the tests. Now they have been able to buy them, not until now. At the beginning they said that you shouldn’t go with a mask because there weren’t, and now they say you have to go with a mask because we don’t know who is infected, “added Clemente.