The social network Twitter has created a hub with information in English and Spanish on the elections of United States, which will be held on November 3. The goal of this polling place is to help Americans find accurate information and resources on Twitter more easily.

Users will be able to see the center at the top of the ‘Explore’ section of the platform and it will include, among other things, news in English and Spanish created by “reputable media or by the Twitter team“, as indicated by the company in a statement.

In addition, the center will feature live broadcasts of important election events, such as debates, a tool that shows candidates for the House of Representatives, Senate and governors, as well as news and resources located by state.

For the first time on the social network, the center will also include a series of voter education public service announcementsCreated with information from the Government and organizations that defend the vote.

These announcements, which will be published on the platform until Election Day, will offer objective information on issues like voter registration, how to request an absentee vote, plus tips for staying healthy while users vote during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To receive these types of PSAs through in-app notifications, users just need to like or retweet to publication.

Last week, Twitter also claimed that remove or tag misinformation posted on your platform that aims to undermine confidence in the US elections.

Specifically, Twitter will remove or tag misleading claims posted on the platform about the results, such as claiming the victory of a presidential candidate before the final results are known, information that may cause confusion about the laws and regulations of a civic process , as well as on officials and institutions and “controversial claims that could undermine faith in the process.”