Twitter could allow you to log in with your Google account | Technology

This is how a new button would work to register or log in to Twitter.

Surely it has not been the first time where you have tried to log into your Twitter account and you did not remember the password or the email you had registered, something that could end soon as long as you at least know the credentials of your Google account, which you are sure to use in various services.

It looks like, Twitter is working so that you can log in through a Google account. As you well know, certain pages or services allow you to use your Google account to log in and also to register, saving you that step of having to fill in the basic information, the email address, or even choose a password that later you won’t even go to. remember.

Now the application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, has shown us that Twitter is close to including a new button so that we can log in or register using our Google account. In this screenshot of the desktop version, up to three buttons are shown, such as registering, entering the application or “continue with Google.

Supposedly, clicking on the “continue with Google” button will allow us to link our Google account to an existing Twitter account, create a new Twitter account based on the data of the Google account or log in to our account. Twitter if we previously associate a Google account.

It does not seem that it is very difficult to implement this feature, so we could see it in the stable version during the next few days, although it could also be the case that Twitter will definitely never launch this button if this test that it is testing right now does not work. a small group of users.

There will be more changes on Twitter, but none will be the one requested by all community managers: tweets cannot be edited yet.

While it is very positive that we can log into Twitter with our Google account, there are also some negatives like if the Google account is ever compromised, it could also totally affect access to Twitter.

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