Twitter CEO mistakenly tweets about potential takeover

By Charles riley

HONG KONG (CNNMoney) – Whoops! Add this to the growing list of Twitter failures.

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto appears to have accidentally tweeted a message that he intended to send privately. The supposed subject of the message? A possible acquisition by Twitter.

I still think we should buy them. He’s on your schedule for December 15th or 16th. We will have to sell it. I have a plan, ”said Noto’s message.

The tweet he sent by mistake set off a wave of speculation as to which company Noto was running, though few solid theories emerged.

Noto quickly deleted the tweet, but not before a few attentive observers took screenshots, including Kevin Roose, the editor of Fusion. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The tweet unleashed a wave of jokes among Internet users about the irony of a Twitter editor failing to use his own service correctly. Others joked that it’s always nice to see executives try their own products.

Twitter has been a source of disappointment for investors of late, with its shares falling 17% since the company indicated in late October that the pace of growth for new users was slow.

Other big social media gaffes include a pornographic tweet from US Airways, anti-Obama messages from KitchenAid, and of course the antics of former US Congressman Anthony Weiner.