Twitter buys Scroll to use its technology in its subscription service

Twitter has been working on a proposal for some time to offer exclusive content through a subscription. In the last hours, the social network took an important step in the adoption of technology that may be key for that platform: bought Scroll.

What is Scroll? It is a service that “removes” ads and pop-ups that impair access to content on news websites. Unlike a conventional ad blocker, Scroll is a paid service with a subscription of $ 5 a month.

The money collected through the tool is distributed among the associated informational portals, as compensation for advertising not shown to visitors. What is striking about Scroll is that it does not block ads, but instead generates a special cookie for users so that affiliate sites do not display “unwanted” content.

Now the platform has passed into the hands of Twitter, which has added a very strong technological asset to its future plans. For now, Scroll will continue to work as it had been doing, but only for already registered users. The option to create new accounts is already disabled.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to introduce this proven model to our service editors, and make news reading better for everyone involved,” said Mike Park, Vice President of Products at Twitter. In addition, the manager referred to Scroll as a “significant addition” to the work of “Shaping a future subscription service” on the social network.

Twitter bought Scroll and adds key technology to its subscription serviceThis is how Scroll works, the new tool bought by Twitter | Credit: Twitter

There are no details yet on what role the technology behind this new acquisition will play in the future of Twitter, but there will be no shortage of alternatives. In fact, Park hinted that the model of Scroll could be integrated with Revue newsletters, another recent acquisition.

«As a Twitter subscriber, imagine having access to premium features where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlet or a Revue writer’s newsletter, with a portion of the subscription going to the editors and writers who create the content«He explained.

With the purchase of Scroll, the social network also stayed with Nuzzel. This tool generated a daily newsletter with the most important publications of the people followed by a user on the social network. However, it will not continue its development and will stop working on May 6. Regardless, Twitter promised to adopt its main aspects in the future.