Twitter Blue: the premium version … and paid

Have good news and bad news, regarding Twitter Blue. The good news is that this service would bring together many of the functions that, for years, have been claimed by users, which shows that those responsible for the social network have collected the feedback provided by their users; the bad thing is that we are talking about a paid service, which shows that those responsible for the social network have collected the feedback provided by their investors. And I have the feeling that the latter will be happier than the former.

But hey, let’s start by clarifying that Twitter Blue is not yet official, at the moment it is just a leak published on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known leaker and who never usually fails in her advances. Therefore, and still awaiting an official confirmation from Twitter Blue, we can take its existence for granted Or, at the very least, that Twitter executives are seriously considering its implementation.

Among the information provided by Wong we find a monthly subscription price to Twitter Blue, $ 2.99. However, if we continue to read what it has published, the filter company affirms that Twitter is considering various subscription levels with, of course, access to different exclusive functions. It should be understood, of course, that they will be incremental, that is, that tier 2 will have all the functions of tier 1 and its own, tier 3 those of 1 and 2 and theirs, and so on, in as many subscription levels as Twitter intends to implement.

There are two, for now, the functions that, according to Wong, would be associated with Twitter Blue. First of all we find the ability to reverse the posting of a tweet during the first 30 seconds. A function that we already talked about before and that we already find in other services, such as Gmail, and that allows us to undo an action whether it has occurred by mistake or if, when sending, we discover that we have made an error, omission or whatever.

The other function that would come with Twitter Blue are the collections, which will allow us save tweets to folders, bookmarks / favorites style from the web browser. This function was previously filtered by Wong, but until now it was unknown that its use would be limited exclusively to paying users.

And this leads me to wonder how Twitter users will agree that the social network has collected their demands and, instead of applying them “without further ado” to the service, has decided to monetize them via Twitter Blue. I’m not criticizing it, be careful, I fully understand the need for Twitter to monetize its service. However, while models such as paid chat on Spaces or, if you find a way to do it, participate in some way in the tips, seem to me more suitable methods than charging for functions that the community has been asking for years.

On the other hand, I wonder if these features are enough to make Twitter Blue’s monthly fee attractive to a sufficient volume of users. It will be necessary to see if the model also proposes that these accounts are free of advertising, and what other improvements they propose. Would you consider paying for Twitter Blue? And, if so, what functions would you demand in return?

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