Twitter announces ‘Audio Spaces’: live voice rooms for public conversation

Twitter is working on a new feature called Audio Spaces –or Spanish Audio Spaces– that allows you to create virtual rooms where you can chat with other people by voice. This idea takes the voice tweets implemented by the company over the past few months and takes them one step further.

The dynamics, in a way, it is similar to that of Instagram live broadcasts. These audio slots will appear at the top of the app next to the Fleets. The only thing that will differentiate them will be a small icon.

Twitter launches Fleets around the world: ephemeral stories like those of Instagram, but on Twitter

To these new audio spaces any user of the social network can join, but the creator of the room can determine who can speak in the room. Available options include: people you manually invite, anyone the creator follows on Twitter, or simply everyone.

This functionality, the existence of which had previously been revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi, will be available before the end of the year, as explained by the company. Initially, yes, they will carry out a series of tests with certain groups of users to collect all the possible feedback before launching it globally.

Audio spaces are not the only novelty on Twitter

Twitter Fleets

The announcement of the audio spaces occurs at the same time as the internationalization of Fleets. This new feature, which has been in testing in several countries for the last year, allows you to share ephemeral content that expires after 24 hours. The idea is that users of the social network share content without worrying that it will remain on their profile indefinitely. In general, the dynamic is quite similar to that of Snapchat or Instagram stories.

In the last year, Twitter has implemented various improvements in its social network. One of the most interesting is the possibility of controlling which people can reply to each tweet that is published. This way, users can enjoy more valuable conversations with each tweet they post.

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