The event was organized for September, TwitchCon decided to cancel it for protection

Azteca News –

Mexico City.- Since the beginning of coronavirus, Twitch had to cancel his TwitchCon in Amsterdam, as well as many other events.

Many esports tournaments have been played behind closed doors, we are not sure how long we will be able to return to what we had before and to the events of TwitchCon.

The company announced earlier today that the event of TwitchCon in San Diego, an event that was scheduled from September 25 to 27 will be canceled to protect the health of the community against the COVID-19.

Cases of coronavirus Daily reports in California are approximately 2,000 over the course of the past week, a figure that Twitch had in mind all along and for obvious reasons decided to cancel it to protect the health and safety of both the community and staff.

Twitch mentioned in their statement that they are not comfortable with not being able to see them and present in person everything they have been doing throughout the year for their community. They are also exploring options for doing it in an « alternate dimension » and being able to hold the event later in the year.

Twitch’s hotel reservation system will have no charges for those who already have reservations. It is not clear how long the community will be able to enjoy a TwitchCon common and ordinary, let’s hope it doesn’t take long to return to the activities that we are so passionate about.