Twitch will block users for misconduct off its platform

Twitch announced that it will block users who engage in serious misconduct, even when it happens off the web.. The company published an expansion of its “Off-duty Conduct Policy”, with changes to how it intervenes in situations of severe offenses.

The most important modification is that the misconduct will now be divided into two types. “Category 1” will include harassment that happens on Twitch, as well as off-service.. The company gave as an example a situation that has been repeated several times: “If we are reviewing a report of harassment about an incident that occurred in a live, the related or continuous harassment on Twitter could be taken into account when it is reported to us,” they indicated . This is how the off-duty conduct policy worked and will continue to do so.

The new comes with the incorporation of the Category 2. In her serious crimes will be included such as deadly violence, terrorist or recruiting activities, explicit and / or credible threats of mass violence and child sexual exploitation, among many other behaviors that could occur off the platform.

“Taking action against misconduct that occurs entirely outside of our service is a novel approach, both for Twitch and for the industry at large. We believe that it is crucial to do it well, “they said in the statement.

Twitch also reported on hiring a “highly regarded external research partner.” He will work together with the streaming platform team to thoroughly analyze reports of misconduct that are reported. An email address,, was also made available to send related information on a confidential basis.

Twitch and an ambitious plan to combat misconduct by its users

Twitch will block users for serious misconduct, even when they commit them off the web

It is true that Twitch does not have the ability to intervene on ALL situations that take place completely out of service, and the company recognizes it. However, your most recent behavior policy changes are a step in the right direction.

On the other hand, the streaming service remarked that it will only take action against complaints in which they find a “preponderance of evidence.” And he also clarified that will not apply measures on a user’s account before the investigation ends.

If at the end of the analysis it is concluded that the Twitch user committed irregularities, your account will be blocked. Likewise, the accounts of those who submit frivolous reports in large quantities, or encourage others to submit false reports, will be suspended.