Twitch will ban users who behave seriously on other platforms

04/08/2021 at 10:53 CEST

Twitch start taking disciplinary action against people who have serious misconduct even if it is on other platforms. The company has explained that for this they are going to expand their policies on harassment and hateful behavior.

The service will focus on misconduct that takes place within Twitch, of course. However, this policy update adds a second category for paralyze misconduct off the platform.

Thus, they have explained that they will respond to “serious offenses that pose a risk to the security of the Twitch community, even if those attitudes occur entirely outside of Twitch.” With the focus on “behaviors that have a great potential to harm our community.” This includes acts of violence, death, extremism, terrorism, explicit issues or threats of mass violence or sexual exploitation of minors, sexual assault, abuse, and so on. Thus, Twitch will not allow any streamer to stay on the web if they do these behaviors.

Twitch has begun working on the behaviors of streamers on its platform. To do this, they have created a specific address to report this type of actions and that they are punished. Twitch has explained that anyone can send an email advirconfidentially tending and sharing this information to a small number of Twitch employees.