The video game streaming platform Twitch has just temporarily suspend the account of one of its most popular users globally: that of US President Donald Trump, which opened last October and which it had been using preferably to announce and broadcast electoral events.

Those responsible for Twitch they allege that some of their broadcasts have engaged in ‘hate speech’, so said content has already been removed.

This surprising decision is due, according to the platform, to certain comments made in its last electoral act in Tulsa (they have not specified which ones), but also to some old ones statements regarding criminals arriving in the United States from Mexico.

“Like anyone else, politicians on Twitch must comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. We make no exceptions for political or newsworthy content, and we will take action on content that we are informed of that violates our rules.” .

Social networks, on the warpath

This move It comes just a week after Twitch announced that it was going to start dictating permanent streamer ‘bans.’ that violated the mentioned norms: in fact, one of the most popular streamers, Dr. Disrespect, has already fallen these days, for reasons still unknown; In this case, Trump’s will only be a temporary blockade (its duration has not been clarified), after which he can reissue.

However, the context of this decision is much broader, and transcends Twitch’s borders: BLM movement riots have brought about changes in what many online platforms consider politically acceptable, and even before that Trump had started a pulse with social networks for understanding that their claims to “editorialize” content violated freedom of expression.

Also in this context is the recent decision by Facebook to change its policy regarding political publications (it will label them to warn if they incur what they perceive as ‘hate speech’, just as they had been doing with the publications of other users) .

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