The Internet continues to corner the President of the United States for his controversial statements. Twitch, the popular video streaming service, temporarily suspended Donald Trump’s account, thus joining other social platforms that put a stop to the hate speech of the president. According to the Amazon-owned company, Trump’s messages in recent weeks have been classified as “hateful behavior”, which is totally prohibited in its regulations.

The rules on Twitch apply to everyone

Twitch makes it clear that its rules of use must be respected by all users, regardless of who they are or what positions they occupy. “Like anyone else, politicians on Twitch must comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. We make no exceptions for political or newsworthy content. We will take action on content that we are reported to be violating our rules. “A Twitch spokesperson mentioned to The Verge.

Twitch is one of the most important media outlets for the Trump campaign for the November elections

Another Twitch representative told The Washington Post that hate behavior is not allowed on the service. In Trump’s case, his channel “received a temporary suspension because of comments made on a live broadcast and was removed for offensive content.” And is that the American president is using Twitch for his election campaign heading to the November elections. True to form, he began to make rather unfortunate statements.

At some point in the broadcast he pointed out as “rapists” some Mexicans who cross the border and “bring crime” to the American country. It is not the first time that Donald Trump uses this type of adjectives to refer to the Latino community, although he never did it before through Twitch. The suspension has a lot to do with the reports of the users of the platform, who fortunately showed their discontent to the president’s comments.

Reddit also charges Trump

Monday was a bumpy day for Donald Trump’s campaign, as Twich was not the only one to stop his unfortunate comments. Just a few hours ago, Reddit closed 2,000 communities known for being a means of spreading hate speech and racism. Among the subreddits involved is, precisely, that of r / The_Donald. With the exception of Facebook, which always justifies its null actions arguing that they are a platform that promotes “freedom of expression”, the rest of social networks are not afraid to stop Trump.