Twitch problems? This is what we know

For a few hours Twitch problems are trending on social media, and the great topic of conversation for many streamers who have opened live shows to find audiences much lower than those that are common in their transmissions. In addition, and unlike what usually happens with service failures, from early afternoon this problem seemed to exclusively affect Spanish users or, to be more exact, to the Spanish viewers, since the streamers have been able to transmit normally, although with less audience.

As its users know, Twitch problems are common on the platform, which still seems to have not finished assuming the increase in users that it experienced last year. Platform failures are so common that, for some time now, the “Twitch being Twitch” meme has already been established among the community, when failures are experienced in a live show, and that especially affect small and medium-sized streamers, what they can see their audience drop by half in less than a minute of failure.

However, as I indicated before, on this occasion the problems of Twitch have only affected Spanish viewers, which from the first moment has made us doubt whether it was a problem attributable to the platform or, on the contrary, to some element external. And the surprise has jumped when messages have started to appear on social networks in which it was stated that It could be the responsibility of the Spanish telecos.

And it is that the streams that were already open gave, suddenly, a message that alluded to the error 2000 of the platform, which allowed to continue watching the chat but not the channel’s video. And when trying to access a page from some connections, the message “Content blocked by request of the Competent Authority, communicated to this Operator” was displayed. Does this mean that any Competent Authority has wanted to veto access to the platform?

And indeed geoblocking on Twitch access confirmedAs some users have used VPN connections to connect to Twitch from other locations. Such has been my case, after experiencing Twitch problems and seeing error 2000, and from many other locations I have been able to access without problems. Thus, the chats of the channels have been filled with messages from users explaining how to install a VPN or, in the case of Opera users, how to activate this function that the browser already includes.

During the afternoon several theories have circulated that tried to explain the problems of Twitch in Spain, and finally it seems that it was due to a mistake made by TelefĂłnica Audiovisual, that in a request to block domains from the “pirate” broadcast of their contents, they would have also mistakenly entered the domain of the platform. a request that he would have sent directly to the telecos that, given the current legal framework, can request the blocking of domains without the participation of justice.

Although there is no official confirmation, some operators have already started to reverse the blockade, although it is possible that it will still take a few hours, or even days, until access to Twitch in Spain is completely normalized. In the meantime, if you are one of the affected users, remember that you can continue to access the service through a VPN.

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