Twice as many Republicans say Trump is the ‘best president’ to beat Reagan

A new poll among Republicans showed that former President Donald Trump was elected over former President Ronald Reagan as the « best president » of all time.

In a new Economist / YouGov poll, 36 percent of Republicans rated Trump the best, while 18 percent rated Reagan the same way, 13 percent rated President Abraham Lincoln the best, and 11 percent said the same of President George Washington.

Republicans chose Reagan over Trump between 36 and 10 percent in 2018, according to the poll.

“The change in the GOP rankings since 2018, when the last poll was conducted, is striking. In 2018, Republicans ranked Reagan first (36 percent), followed by Trump (10 percent). Now the positions have been reversed, with the percentage of Republicans naming Trump the best president in history tripled to 36 percent, double the number still electing Ronald Reagan (18 percent), ”according to the poll. .

The poll is the latest piece of data to suggest that Trump remains hugely popular with Republicans.

On February 11, a CBS News poll revealed that 70 percent of Republicans would consider joining a new Trump-led political party. Thirty-three percent of Republicans who participated in the poll, conducted between February 5-8, said they would join a separatist party led by Trump. Another 37 percent said « maybe » they would join the new party, while the remaining 30 percent said they would stay with the Republican Party.

The poll was conducted during Trump’s second impeachment trial, which ultimately led to his acquittal. Seven Republican senators voted to convict the former president, while Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Blamed Trump for the unrest but voted to acquit him.

McConnell, however, appeared to go a step further, suggesting that Trump could face criminal prosecution or civil suit.

The House of Representatives indicted the former president last month for allegedly inciting violence on January 6. Trump, for his part, called on the protesters to “peacefully and patriotically do [their] voices heard ”during a rally. House Democrats later argued that Trump was solely responsible for the riots and described it as an « insurrection. »

And it seems that the former president may try to capitalize on his popularity. In a strong statement Tuesday, Trump said the Senate will be unable to win any more seats with McConnell at the helm, suggesting that he would try to run candidates in the primaries in favor of those who support his agenda.

« McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo politics, coupled with his lack of political acumen, wisdom, skill, and personality, has quickly taken him from majority leader to minority leader, and will only get worse » says Trump in a statement.

GQ Pan contributed to this report.