The veteran Swiss tennis player Roger Federer granted an interview to the ATP Tour where he discovers aspects that help to understand a little better the reason for his long career, his know-how on the slopes and in general his origins and how his love for tennis was born.

03/24/2020 at 16:50


We show the most significant phrases where the Swiss tennis player, currently world number four behind Djokovic, Nadal and Thiem, expresses himself sincerely and discovers unknown aspects of his most private life and childhood.


“My first memory is of playing with a wooden racket instead of fluorescent balls, they were white and low pressure. I don’t know how many players on the circuit can say this. “

“Memory play against the wall, closets and garage doors for hours. “

“(He collected) many stickers. There was a year, I think it was at the beginning of the 90’s, in which all the classic tennis figures were (in a book) “

“I was ball boy in my city’s tournament in Basel. ”

“I used to chase players to get their autographs. At that time it was not complicated because selfies did not exist. Those are my memories of those times. “


“If you look back, you have a dream and a hope of becoming a Top 100 player someday. Maybe playing in the big stadiums. When you want to realize it, it is normal to be playing on the central court, it is usual to compete before 15,000 people “


“Sometimes, You tend to forget that this is a privilege. I feel like I’ve never forgotten. I have enjoyed every time it has happened and I try to continue enjoying it as much as I can. “

“The original mindset in Switzerland is that education is the priority. That’s what my parents taught me. “

“I think that gradually more and more people believe that sport can mean a future, a career and a way forward


“I hope that with what I do on a tennis court can be an example. That can help the next generation of sports superstars in Switzerland. “


In Switzerland we love our sports. Perhaps we show less passion about some athletes or clubs than in Latin American countries or other places. But deep down, we love our sports. “


“I try to give my best level every day in training or in games. I try to network with the fans and let them know how grateful I am. It has been an incredible journey and I have enjoyed every moment. “