TVE exchanges the phone numbers of Blas Cantó’s songs

On the night of Saturday, February 20, ‘Destino Eurovisión’ left in the hands of the fans of the audience the decision of which theme would represent Spain in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, by the hand of Blas Cantó: « Memoria » or « I’m going to stay « . To do this, after the previous votes in recent days, The organization of the program had two telephone numbers to vote throughout the gala, something very different from what was shown at some point during the event.

TVE shows the same phone number to vote for « Memory » and « I’m going to stay » in ‘Destino Eurovisión’

In the case of voting through the landline, Televisión Española had two numbers: 905810001 for « Memory », while the number of « I’m going to stay » was the same, with a two instead of the number one, at the end. However, in some of the summaries issued during the gala, in which Excerpts of both issues were collected with the means available to vote for them, ‘Destination Eurovision’ showed the same for both candidates.

Upon noticing such details, many viewers shared their outrage on social media at the possibility that such an error could have hurt the voting. Especially when the phone number that was shown in both cases was « Memoria », a subject that, at least apparently, had less support from the public. And is that, after the gala started with the percentages located at 72% and 28%, once they were shown again, they were much more even.

« Does anyone check this? »

‘Destination Eurovision’ shows two different numbers to vote for each Blas Cantó song

This error occurred in some of the summaries in which moments of both topics were collected, although not when the contacts for both candidates were shown. It was at that moment when the error became clear, since each song showed a different fixed number, although the contact number through the mobile was the same for both. Despite the apparent confusion, the night concluded with the percentages divided into 58% and 42%, which gave the final victory to « I’m going to stay », song with which Cantó plans to perform at the Ahoy Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, next May. However, that did not prevent the complaints of the followers of the program before the confusion by the telephone numbers. « The same phone number for the two songs? Does anyone check this? » Asked one viewer, as did many others, much of them very critical of the format and Spanish Television.