Galicians and Basques go to the polls on Sunday June 12 to exercise their right to vote in the regional elections. Some elections marked by the crisis of the coronavirus, which will force to take unusual sanitary measures to avoid any contagion. But there is something that does not change: as in every electoral appointment, the televisions overturn with a special coverage which will allow viewers to access all the information in real time.

Basques and Galicians elect a new government this 12-J

RTVE will open on Sunday with a special preview at 9:00 a.m. by the ballot box, which will resume at 2:00 p.m. to press the feelings of Galicians and Basques and communicate the first data on participation. The information will be completed in ‘Newscast 1’ and will be permanently updated on Channel 24 Hours.

Fifteen minutes before the closing of the schools, at 19:45, the special ’12J: You decide’ will begin in La 1, led by Ana Blanco and Carlos Franganillo. It will have an analysis table and connections with Galicia and the Basque Country to follow the scrutiny and find out the opinions of the political parties, thanks to the deployment of professionals from the Territorial Centers of RTVE in Galicia and the Basque Country.

Carlos Franganillo and Ana Blanco, couple on TVE

At 8:00 p.m., after the closing of the schools, RTVE will offer the result of two voting polls RTVE and FORTA: at the ballot box in Galicia, and carried out in the previous days in the Basque Country. The informative special will last until 23:00 in La 1, but all the information will be registered in RTVE Digital, which is published with two sites (Galician elections and Basque elections), with the minute by minute of the day and the results.

Ana Pastor in Santiago, Iñaki López in Bilbao

For its part, laSexta has programmed the special ‘ARV Objective: Galicia and Euskadi’ from 7:20 p.m.. The space, directed and presented by Antonio García Ferreras, will collect information on election day, the opinions of political leaders and analyze the results.

Ferreras will use the ‘pactometer’ again in laSexta

Ana Pastor will follow the development of the elections in Galicia from the PP headquarters, whose candidate Alberto Núñez Feijóo is the favorite. Iñaki López will follow those of the Basque Country from the PNV headquarters in Bilbao, where Iñigo Urkullu starts with an advantage in the polls. To debate the results of the two autonomous communities they will have a team of analysts made up of the political scientists Lluis Orriols, Pablo Simón and Sandra León and the journalists Angélica Rubio and Rodrigo Blázquez.

Antena 3, with Ángel Carreira and Angie Rigueiro

Antena 3 will begin its coverage with a first informative preview at 11:00 am, with the first connections with the electoral colleges and the main informative points of interest. At 1:00 pm it will offer a second newsletter to collect the development of the elections. ‘Antena 3 noticias’ will take over at 15:00 with the first edition of news programs, this time led by Ángel Carreira and Angie Rigueiro.

With the closing of the electoral colleges, ‘Antena 3 Noticias 2 ‘will expand at 9:00 p.m. all the information on the day of 12-J. The coverage will be completed with an informative special at midnight, after the broadcast of ‘El Peliculón’, again with Ángel Carreira and Angie Rigueiro with all the definitive data, possible alliances and interviews with protagonists.

TVG and ETB1 coverage

Autonomous televisions also offer special programming. TVG (Televisión de Galicia) will issue newsletters from the time the polls are opened and will reinforce the content in the usual ‘Telexornal Mediodía’. At 19:30 the ‘Informative Special: Elections Special’ will start, presented by Marta Darriba, Ana Celia Vázquez and Carlos F. Amado, with a survey carried out exclusively for CRTVG, the data of the vote in real time and the analysis with experts and leaders of the different political forces.

At ETB they will also be aware of current events with various bulletins throughout the day. At 19:45 the special ‘Hauteskunde Gaua’ (Election night) will start, a special program that will narrate and analyze the results of the elections to the Basque Parliament.