The most outstanding television releases of this July 2020 in our country (click on each title for more information).

1st of July

Outsiders (AXN Now – T2. Complete)

The Last Narc (Prime Video – Miniseries. Complete)

Prison Break (Prime Video – Complete series)

Glee (Prime Video – Complete series)

Modern Family (Prime Video – Series -casi- complete, 10 of 11 seasons)

3rd of July

End-to-two stories (Amazon – Anthology series. Complete)

Hanna (Amazon – T2. Complete)

The Cable Girls (Netflix – T5. Complete)

Mad Men (Prime Video – Complete series)

July 7th

X file (Prime Video – Complete series)


Displaced (Netflix – Miniseries. Complete)

July 9th

Couples therapy (Movistar + – T1. Two episodes. Two new episodes every Thursday)

July 10th

Walkers (Orange TV – T1. Two episodes, the rest one day later)

Little voice (Apple TV + – T1. Three episodes, a new episode every Friday)

12th of July

P-Valley (Starzplay – S1. One episode. A new episode every Sunday)

July 14

Collapse (Filmin – Miniseries. Complete)

July 16th

Normal People (Starzplay – Miniseries. Complete)

July 17th

Damn (Netflix – Miniseries. Complete)

July 21

Cardinal (Calle 13 – T4. One episode. A new episode every Tuesday)

Flesh and Blood (Filmin – Miniseries. Complete)

July 22

By H or by B (HBO Spain – T1. Complete)


Room 104 (HBO Spain – T4. One episode. A new episode every Friday)


The New Nurses (SundanceTV – T1. One episode. A new episode every Thursday)

July 31st

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix – T2. Complete)