The phenomenon of adaptation dates back to the first years of cinema with Alice in Wonderland, in 1903 and has been recurring throughout its evolution. The act of transferring characters and stories from the print media to the audiovisual field has also concerned television. And, of course, the original materials have not always been short stories or novels, but also the comic strip and the comic strip. If asked what television series based on graphic novels you know, which titles would you answer with?

Leaving aside the animated shows or those focused on the canonical superheroes of Marvel and DC, here is a selection of ten live-action television series that have derived from graphic novels that –although you alternate the universes of Avengers and Justice League– have been made of wide popularity.

A bit of bloodthirsty antiheroes, brain-hungry zombies or teenagers immersed in gloomy circumstances … or very human or with supernatural overtones. Which of the following titles is your favorite?

The Boys (2019-present)

Individuals with superpowers are a reality! … even if you don’t think they are benevolent. In this universe, superheroes are controlled by large corporations. Such is the case of the Seven, a group of « vigilantes » characterized by arrogance, indifference or unscrupulousness. As counterpart they appear The Boys (the boys), a band of vigilantes ready to impose limits on those corrupted metahumans.

The original Amazon Prime Video show is inspired by the eponymous comic series, co-created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Its 72 numbers were published between 2006 and 2012.

The End of the F *** ing World (2017-2019)

James and Alyssa, two teenage schoolmates, escape from their respective homes into the unknown. But don’t expect a youthful adventure, ideal for the whole family. Together, the protagonists will face humanly dangerous circumstances, the police and adults with a certain level of perversity. At the same time, Alyssa believes that a love relationship with her fugitive colleague is gradually emerging, but the enigmatic James has other plans for her …

This show distributed internationally by Netflix is ​​based on the eponymous graphic novel, published in 2013 and written / illustrated by Charles Forsman.

Happy! (2017-2019)

Nick Sax is a disgraced cop who lives his days as an outcast alcohol and drug addict. After suffering a heart attack, Nick comes into contact with a small bluish unicorn named Happy; a fantastic entity that only he can see. This quirky and giddy appearance is presented as the imaginary friend of a girl who was kidnapped by a man dressed as Santa Claus … and only the former detective can save her.

This show on the SyFy network is inspired by the eponymous series of four comics, created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson.

iZombie (2015-2019)

By fate, medical resident Olivia « Liv » Moore ends up becoming a zombie … although, fortunately, there is a way to avoid becoming an irrational monster: by periodically satiating your brain craving. For this, Liv gets a job in a morgue where she feeds on corpses and, curiously, she can temporarily adopt the personality and memories of the dead. And better yet: this way you can help solve homicide cases!

This series of the chain The CW constitutes a free adaptation of the homonymous cartoons created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allfred. They were published by DC Comics between 2010 and 2012.

Lucifer (2016-present)

The devil is real … and he lives in Los Angeles. The myth tells that Lucifer Morningstar was an angel expelled from heaven for treason. He thus became the lord of hell. But after millennia on the throne, the need to try new things soon arose in him. Lucifer then escapes to the Californian city, where he runs his own nightclub, until he finds himself immersed in a murder case. It is then that he also becomes a consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department, which faces unusual celestial and demonic threats.

Fox’s original show – now owned by Netflix – is based on the character from the The Sandman comic series (1989-1996), created by Neil Gaiman. Later, Lucifer would have his own comics, also published by the Vertigo brand.

Riverdale (2017-present)

Ah, youth, full of stories versed in sex, romance, family, school … and the enigmatic death of a partner? In the small town of Riverdale, there are sinister forces behind that image of apparent perfection. Soon Archie Andrews and his friends (Betty, Veronica, Jughead) end up immersed in a chain of mysteries not without its terrifying and supernatural tinge.

The CW show is based on the characters of the long-running comic series Archie, which was released in 1942 by Archie Comics.

Tales from the crypt (1989-1996)

Let’s delve into the rooms of the Guardian of the Crypt, who has already emerged from his coffin to introduce a shocking story to his audience. And to ensure an even more chilling experience, keep in mind that this anthological HBO series is not restricted when it comes to graphic violence, certain offensive language, and even sexual allusions. Of course, with a touch of recurring humor as a counterweight to the sinisterness of their self-closing narratives.

The show is inspired by the 27 horror comics published by EC Comics between 1950 and 1955. After the famous television adaptation, Tales from the Crypt revived in the cartoons with novel installments that to date continue to be produced.

The Umbrella Academy (2019-present)

In 1989, 43 babies were born under abnormal circumstances. Convinced of his exceptional abilities, billionaire Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of them and founded The Umbrella Academy, an institution dedicated to fighting crime, but which – due to family tensions – ended up dissolving. The plot of the show begins when the brothers meet again in their adulthood, with all the conflicts that implies.

The original Netflix show is an adaptation of the eponymous comic strips written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá. Its first three volumes have seen the light between 2007 and 2019. A fourth installment, hosted by Dark Horse Comics publisher, is on the way.

The Walking Dead (2010-present)

The zombie apocalypse has arrived and the survivors will have to make their way during this blackout of civilization. But « walkers » (zombies) are not the only threat to former sheriff Rick Grimes and his allies, as some corrupted humans have formed hostile societies that take on the task of subduing outsiders.

The popular AMC show is underpinned by the eponymous comic strips created by author Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. The nearly 200 issues of the series were published between 2003 and 2019 by Image Comics.

Wynonna Earp (2016-present)

Nothing like fighting undead in pure Old West style. In this western series of the supernatural, Wynonna Earp – a descendant of the legendary sheriff Wyatt Earp – becomes the protector of her Purgatory people, located in cursed territory. Their rivals are outlaws from past eras who have come back to life, and only the 27-year-old gunslinger will be able to return them to hell. Of course, with a suitable revolver for the fight.

This SyFy show derives from the self-titled comics created by Beau Smith under the Image Comics brand. The first issue was released in 1996.

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