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The years when we only had a handful of channels to choose from are long gone. Today we have countless channels on DTT, and people who have hired a pay television service, such as Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV and other alternatives, have even more channels. And all this without counting on streaming services, of course.

The offer of content that we have at our disposal today is truly great, and this has advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, we have many more alternatives to choose from, so there is surely something that we are interested in seeing. But, on the other, given the large number of channels there are, it is difficult to know what content they put in each of them so as not to miss the movie that we like, our favorite series, that documentary that we have heard very well about or the program that we are hooked on.

When buying a new TV there are a number of aspects that you should take into account, in this report we explain the top 10 to get it right.

Although everything is in the television guides provided by the menu of our Smart TV or the decoder of the service that we have contracted, the television control does not make things easier for us and they are often difficult to consult. In addition, even if you know that they are going to show something you want to see, on many occasions you end up forgetting and in the end you miss it.

Fortunately, technology is there to help us, and thanks to it we can avoid all these problems. There are several TV guide apps for Android and iOS in which you can consult TV programming in a comfortable and simple way directly from your mobile.

And not only do they tell us what they put on TV today (be it DTT, Movilstar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV and more), but they also have additional functions to provide you with more information about the contents or the possibility of programming reminders so that do not let us see what we want.

Here is a selection of the best TV guide apps for iOS and Android. In Google Play and the App Store you can find countless of them, but to make our list we have chosen only the best, those that receive timely updates and are easy to use.

In the 50s of the last century the first tube televisions were very different from the modern LED and OLED panels that we use today. How does a television work?

TV schedule: TV guide apps

My TV Guide

My TV Guide is one of the best TV programming apps that are available right now. It has a clean, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so it won’t take long to get hold of it.

It offers you the possibility of consulting the programming by channels or accessing the grill for days and hours, so that you can choose the option that is most comfortable for you. In the Channels tab you will see the list of chains, which shows you by default the generalist DTT channels, although you have the possibility of creating your personalized list easily.

For it, click Favorites to locate the chains you like through the categories, as Autonomous, International, Documentaries, Cinema, Children or Sports. There are channels of both DTT and Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV and more, and to have them controlled, all you have to do is add them to your favorites by tapping on the star. And if at any time you want to delete a chain, you can do it from the Edit option.

In the view of the list of channels you can see what they are casting in each one in real time, But if you want to check the schedule for the day or the next few days, you just have to click on the logo.

My TV Guide also allows you consult the schedule in grid format. To do this, click on the Grid tab and you will see the guide with the channels that you have saved in your favorites. At the top you can select the day, and by sliding your finger to the left or right you can move forward or backward in the timeline. When you want to go back to the current moment, tap the bullseye icon.

When you access a content file, be it a program, a movie, a series or any other type, you can set a reminder on your mobile calendar to remind you when it starts and not miss it.

Synchro TV Guide

Synchro TV Guide is another highly recommended TV programming guide app. Apart from allowing you to check what is being broadcast on each channel and what is going to be posted further, it also offers you a selection of featured and recommended content, something that can help you when you don’t know what to watch.

By tapping the menu key in the upper left corner you can see all the available tabs. It has the programming of DTT channels as well as those found in pay television packages, such as Movitar + or Vodafone TV.

In the Grill section You can check the programming of all the channels, selecting the day and time or filtering by category. In the Now on TV tab You can see the list of chains to select the one you want to consult and know what they are casting in real time. In addition, you also have specific tabs for movies, series, sports, programs, news, contests and children’s content.

In this case, If you want to configure your own list of favorite channels, you need to register with your email for free. By doing so, you have the possibility of creating a personalized list of channels and setting alerts so that the app will notify you when something you want to watch is about to start.


The third TV programming application that we recommend in our selection is TVProfil. It is a platform that receives regular updates and is easy to use, so it meets the requirements to be included in this list.

Unlike the previous apps, TVProfil requires you to register with your email not only to enjoy some functions, but to access all services. You only need your email and a password, so it is not a problem either.

After registering, the first thing you have to do is select the television platforms you have to be able to access all the programming. You can choose DTT, Movistar +, Vodafone TV and Orange TV, and then you have to select the channels you want to follow. Some of them are already marked by default, so check the list and mark and unmark the chains according to your tastes.

Once this is done, the app gives you access to the programming grid of the channels you have selected. You can check what they are casting in real time, in the next few hours or in the next few days. In the menu on the left column you have the possibility to filter the contents by categories (cinema, series, documentaries or sports), and you can also search by keywords.

By accessing the detail file of each content you have at your disposal the information of the program, the film or the series. By tapping the clock-shaped icon in the upper right corner you can set an alarm so that the app warns you before what you want to see starts.

Movies on TV – TV Guide

The only thing that interests you in the programming guide is to know what movies are being shown on television today? If the answer is yes, the perfect app for you is Movies on TV – TV Guide.

Instead of offering a grid loaded with the information of all the channels, this application provides you only what interests you: the films that are shown on the different DTT channels and on pay television platforms.

In the Today tab you can check the feature films that are being shown on the different channels in real time, as well as those that are going to be shown throughout the day, and in the Tomorrow tab you have the information for the next day. By clicking on each title you will access a tab with some details of the content, and if you wish you can save the content in your list to have it at hand.

In the Movies on TV settings – TV Guide you can activate the filter by favorite channels, which allows you to select your preferred chains to reduce the information of the tabs and only see what interests you.

Live Sports TV Guide

And what if what interests you most about television is sports? Then, Live Sports TV Guide is the perfect app for you. It allows you to consult the sporting events that take place on all DTT channels, pay television platforms and streaming services such as DAZN.

After installing the app, select Spain to receive the information about the channels in our country, and then go to the sports filter found in the menu on the left to select the sport you want to watch. You have a myriad of disciplines, including soccer, basketball, tennis, cycling, golf, motorsports, and even eSports.

After selecting the sport, in the central window you will see the events that take place throughout the day, and if you click on the calendar icon you can also see the matches of the successive days. In order not to miss anything, you can save the encounters and schedule notifications.

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