The media market has been one of the many affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the traditional productions that it had been carrying out have had to stop dead, because the protocols changed the way in which they have to be handled.

Many of the productions require the physical contact of their assistants and given the change that the COVID-19 pandemic has rethought, these dynamics have had to adapt to new norms by which they have sought to keep their narratives relevant.

These challenges have begun to charge certain programs that have announced their departure, so television stations must think of new production strategies.

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TV Azteca’s decision

It is a reality that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed new rules and falling in love has had to adhere to these new guidelines.

The famous production with dynamics designed to connect people could not adapt to the protocols to contain COVID-19 and due to the nature of its dynamics, it will end up going off the air.

Penelope Menchaca She is the host of this production and responsible for announcing her departure, due to the complications that have been recorded in the recordings of the programs.

The driver assured that everything possible has been done. In the announcement of the indefinite suspension of the program, he has detailed that in the recordings, before entering the studio, the temperature of all those who entered was measured, the protocol of entering using mask covers was followed, the distance was respected, but at the end of the day the Program dynamics have not been able to adapt.

Because it is a program that seeks to connect people, the risk of contagion is both in those who are participating and in those who get to know these contestants.

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The actions of the media to the contingency

In order to face the contingency for COVID-19, the large production platforms are taking a series of measures with which they have sought to innovate in this market, but understanding this term as a different way of carrying out their productions.

The productions of various titles are taking all kinds of measures and many of them have even made the decision to do voluntary quarantines, as happened with the production of « Love and Anarchy » in Sweden where the cast and production were isolated for 14 days to be able to resume activities.

These kinds of measures are teaching us that today time has acquired a new dimension and from this perspective what we must learn to do is how we carry out our activities according to these new rules of time.

The content producers are isolating themselves for 14 days before starting a new series or tape, the television stations are carrying out controls that measure the temperature of their conductors, however not in all the programs the distance is maintained, the film market has decided to release their tapes digitally. In short, the measures that have been taken have been diverse, so it is essential to be able to understand what are the dynamics that are carried out as a function of time.

This time management has to think about the new skills that are being demanded in the market. For example, a study conducted by PCMA and Convene found that in countries seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the main skills that were being demanded were the design of live experiences, in physical spaces with stricter hygiene standards, designing experiences with digital events and giving business continuity with scenario planning.