Turn your mobile into a Nintendo Switch to play to the fullest, with this attachable controller on sale | Gaming

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Mobile phones are increasingly powerful for playing video games, but control is still a handicap. Here you have the perfect solution.

If you want play with your mobile like a proEspecially in multiplayer games, you need to forget about touch controls and use a controller. Conventional gamepads do not adapt well because they force the screen to be supported somewhere. That is why one of the best solutions we have seen are the adaptable controls where the mobile itself is inserted.

Get hold of the GameSir X2 controller for Android mobiles with a discount of more than 10 euros, at a price of 59.49 euros on Amazon. It is a prestigious brand among gamers, with good quality products.

Unlike others that connect via Bluetooth and add latency, This remote is inserted into the USB Type C port of the mobile, so it’s a full speed direct connection. Of course, as you may have deduced, it only works with mobiles with a USB Type C connection.

This mobile gamepad is just what you need to play comfortably and without input lag. It connects via USB Type-C and has a pretty solid build.

The remote’s USB connector can be rotated up to 51 degrees, to adapt it to any position on the mobile, without forcing it.

It fits the vast majority of mobiles, since the central part where the mobile fits can be stretched or shrunk, depending on its size. Accepts Android phones up to 1cm thick and up to 167mm long.

The button layout is the same as the Nintendo Switch console, including button A on the right and button B on the bottom. Also has two sticks and a crossheadas well as buttons in the corners.

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What’s more It has its own button to capture videos and photos while you play.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and non-slip rubber material, you can play the most demanding video games with much better performance than with the touch screen, or a wireless gamepad.

Get hold of the GameSir X2 controller for Android mobiles with a discount of more than 10 euros, at a price of 59.49 euros on Amazon.

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