Turn your Alexa smart speaker into a security camera: these are the steps to follow | Technology

If you want to keep an eye on your home, the Echo Show speaker can be used as a security camera thanks to Home Monitoring.

The Amazon Echo Show speakers with a screen have been enabled to use them as if they were security cameras, a somewhat controversial function or that not everyone will like, but that can be useful on some occasions and is not complicated to configure.

It is clear that when a device has a feature it is always about making the most of it. This happens with the cameras of the Echo Show with a screen that allow you to use the speakers to make video calls. A step forward has been taken with the cameras and you can use them from your mobile as security cameras through Home Monitoring.

This app will be useful for some people and not only as a security measure, but also in order to control pets, for example, or with other functions that you can surely think of, especially since it is activated incognito.

As reported in CNET, the new function is especially enhanced with the Echo Show 10 because on top of it you can move the camera left and right to zoom in or follow people in the rooms where it is installed.

If you want to know how to activate this function on your smart speaker with a screen, you have to follow these steps on the device, you can’t do it through the app At the moment, Home Monitoring is not available in this way for now, just as it has not reached all speakers.

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Enter Settings, either through the menu on the screen or by saying “Alexa, go to settings.” It will appear among the Home Monitoring options, activate it. Click Continue after reading the information it offers about the function. Verify your account, as requested. Enter the password. Finish by clicking Done.

To later see the cameras, you have to open the Alexa application and go to Device. There select Cameras and click on the one you have activated. Should the camera image will appear, and also the option to scroll the view if you have the latest smart speaker model.

Keep in mind that you can activate an audible alert when this feature is turned on in order to notify if you see it necessary. In addition, it is also possible to let the image fade for a few seconds when activated, to give other people time to prepare.

The feature has just been released on these devices. If you don’t have it yet, it will be a matter of waiting for it to arrive. Later, it will be in your hand to take advantage of it and how to do it.

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