Turn his sneakers into the perfect tribute to One Piece

one piece luffy foot

Are you a shoe collector? If so, you will surely want to have hundreds in your wardrobe and among them some with personalized art and with this the shoes banks are special for that, so if you have any you can already customize them with a perfect tribute of One piece. We know you love sneakers, so here are the One Piece Vans sneakers that you would like to receive as a gift.

If you are a fan of Vans modelsSurely these are the shoes for you, but if you want to add the odd shoe to your collection, you will like these. This fan has uploaded his Reddit account an amazing image gallery of his art by One piece in various white shoes and the tribute is perfect.

Would you like to wear a pair of custom made shoes with One Piece? If yes, please contact me. from OnePiece

We see at the beginning a pair that is personalized with an expressive Luffy and Zoro with sword included, the second pair includes three scenes in each shoe, which seem drawn from the manga, one representing the Straw Hats and another showing the counterpart. The next one will be the favorite of many because one of the shoes shows us Luffy and the other is Ace, like shoes and brother characters.

Any type of design that you want to make is possible on these white canvases and these designs are the perfect tribute to One piece that you wanted in your shoes.

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