Turkish novels that have conquered the screens, know the reasons | Instagram

For some time the stories set in Turkish traditions have transcended the screens and achieved increasing levels of audiences.

Titles like Fatmagül, Hercai or Dolunay, from the new entertainment Mecca.

Same that have come as a incentive in the midst of the unfortunate situation that we live in Spain after the coronavirus outbreak.

But in the face of so many problems and discouraging news, there are the novels that are like the valve escape and delve into other stories where the turbulence They are only sentimental and in the end happiness triumphs.

The plots thrive in the exotic Istanbul, its characters seem to have come out of a beauty contest and their technical finishes have cinematographic quality.

Little by little, the Mexican rose novels seem to have lost more relevance in the old continent, remaining below the novels from the influential Turkey, considered the « new entertainment mecca ».

Veronica and Thalia, two Mexican actresses who recorded titles that were resounding successes are well known in Andalusia, for example.

However, audiences now have other interests and are looking for novel stories in the so-called « soap operas« The name they give to the novels (because they are made up of a huge succession of chapters)

However, now, all of a sudden, television programming has relegated the genre’s typical geography to embrace the exotic Turkish « avant-garde », even in Latin America This influence has become notable in cable services where they broadcast some number of titles from that mystical country.

stories that reflect conflicts between modernity and traditions, between rural and urban, between religion and indifference to it or obstacles to overcoming it.

Why have they become so relevant?

Although they are stories that have things in common with stories with the difference of when they came from the pen of Delia Fiallo, Caridad Bravo Adams, Yolanda Vargas Dulché, or as if they were productions of Valentine Pimstein.

However, some details that somehow make a difference are that the turkish novels, they are set in real scenarios, they are not recorded in a studio, and the locations are very luxurious, therefore more aspirations, in addition, this would also be accompanied by a great production of sound, image and music, this would make them resemble the Of the movies.

They assure that there could also be a background.

The situation in Turkey increasingly understands one more regimen « dictatorial« that relegates the most basic freedoms, so there could be the possibility that more production is destined to novels to » distract « the public from reality, as they have done in other countries. A sweetened Turkey that many are buying without any questioning.