Turkish GP – Missed opportunity: why did the Lance Stroll sink?

Lance Stroll led the Turkish Grand Prix for 32 laps, but when he stopped in the pits to switch from rain tires to intermediates, everything changed for him and he finished ninth. This was the cause.

Lance Stroll has surprised many this weekend, taking the first pole of his sporting career in Formula 1 in very difficult conditions and dominating with an iron hand the Turkish Grand Prix during the first half of the race.

The Canadian handled the pressure to perfection and started with precision to stay in the lead and amass an advantage of up to 10 seconds about his teammate, Sergio Pérez.

«We were losing seconds per lap. I just don’t know where that graining came from »

But, as the track began to dry out, Stroll lost the lead and Racing Point decided to call him to the pits a second time to swap out his weathered intermediate tires for new ones. That was the end of his great career, because from there the Canadian was unable to maintain a competitive pace that had already begun to falter midway through the first relay with intermediates, irretrievably falling to the ninth final position while Pérez finished second after having endured with the first game of intermediates from the round 10.

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t understand it,” Lance Stroll says about it. “We had a lot of graining in the first game of intermediate. We decided to pit, we were losing seconds per lap. I just don’t know where that grain came from, it happened instantly. It went back to granular (the second game), massive graining and no rhythm. We’ll have to look into it, it was pretty terrible. “

Thus, Stroll ended in a very bittersweet way what looked like it was going to be his big weekend in Formula 1. “It’s frustrating to be in the head for 10 seconds and all of a sudden finish ninth. I don’t understand how that happens. I mean yeah, it was the graining, but we have to investigate why it affected me so much more than the other car. I’m not quite sure why.

Racing Point praises its driver

Although Lance Stroll finished the race ninth more than 40 seconds behind Sergio Pérez, who took the podium, Otmar Szafnauer wanted to highlight the work of his pupil in Istanbul Park. It’s a shame Lance didn’t get the result he deserved. He handled the pressure of starting from pole very well. Today he was flawless and achieved a lead of more than 10 seconds when his tires performed as expected.

In the opinion of the Racing Point director, “It was difficult to judge the conditions, but we made the right decision by switching Lance to intermediates, rather than waiting for dry conditions that ultimately never came. We need to investigate why Lance suffered so much with graining in the new intermediates, because that prevented him from joining Checo on the podium.

Pérez, 2nd with intermediate points that Pérez, 2nd with intermediate points that “would have exploded with one more lap” Read news

As for Sergio Pérez, who will not be in the team in 2021, Szafnauer declared that “a podium is a great result for the team after an excellent driving from Checo. We can be very proud of the fact that we led much of the race in very difficult conditions with both cars..

“As we expected with Checo, he handled the rain tire very well from the start and the team perfectly timed his shift to intermediate,” he stressed about the maneuver carried out on lap 10. “Driving intermission on a changing track surface for 48 laps was a great challenge, but he managed to secure second place”Szafnauer concluded.