Turkish GP – Mario Isola, head of Pirelli F1, positive for COVID-19 in Istanbul Park

Formula 1 has announced that Pirelli’s chief technical officer in Formula 1, Mario Isola, has tested positive for coronavirus in a test carried out last Sunday at the Istanbul Park circuit. The Italian does not suffer symptoms, but has already been isolated.

Positive for COVID-19 continue to occur in Formula 1, although at the moment in very small doses and without the expansion of the virus. After Williams reported last week that several of his employees, including director Simon Roberts, are now the victim was Mario Isola, Chief Technical Officer of Pirelli.

The Italian brand, which supplies tires to all teams and which this weekend in Turkey saw how conditions demanded the most of its product, sees how its director is isolated as a result of the virus, although as reported by Formula 1, his close contacts have not been infected.

Isola will surely have to be absent from the next Bahrain Grand Prix, which is held between November 27 and 29 on the Sakhir circuit. The Italian firm has not yet communicated who would take command of Pirelli in the event that it finally did.

Nor will he be able to act as an ambulance driver, a facet he has carried out in Milan during the pandemic within his usual volunteer work.