Tunden to Yanet García after debuting on OnlyFans

Tunden to Yanet García after debuting on OnlyFans (Instagram)

Tunden to Yanet García after debuting on OnlyFans | Instagram

As you recall, a couple of days ago the ex weather girl Yanet García debuted on the famous OnlyFans platform, however it has been filled with bad comments where she is criticized for allegedly selling herself to men.

Yesterday through her official Instagram account, Yanet García shared with her millions of admirers a photograph where she is modeling a topless black l3nc3r1a, this in order to invite them to follow her on her account. OnlyFans, where he will post some very high level photos.

And although thousands of people who follow her on social networks wished her success in this new project, the 30-year-old received many unpleasant and misogynistic comments.

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A wonder your onlifans bb but more d3snud0s would catapult you to success’, ‘You were beautiful now you prost1tu1st3’, ‘Patética’, ‘From meteorologist to pR0st1ta, you are progressing’, were some of the bad comments he received.

While other of his fans reproached him for having opened an OnlyFans with deception, since the content he shares on this platform is not exclusive and is practically the same as that of his official Instagram account.

On the other hand and fortunately some fans of Yanet García asked for respect for the famous influencer, since posing in l3nc3r1a, with little clothes or naked, is not a reason to denigrate and disrespect her.

It seems that many people think that the OnlyFans platform is only to sell photos without clothes, however, it is important to remember this is not the purpose of the social network, so many people have come out to defend it from these misogynistic criticisms.

Leaving the bad comments aside, we must not forget that since its inception, Yanet has stolen the eyes of everyone on the famous social network Instagram with the most provocative photographs we have seen and also always inspires us to have a lifestyle healthier.

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The best of all is that in recent days Yanet has shared with all his followers a little of what we can find on his OnlyFans profile and although many of the images have been c3nsur @ das by Instagram policies, you are leaving very little to the imagination.

This is how with a black and white photo, and others where she is apparently sitting, “the advances” of what we can see in her OnlyFans profile have raised the temperature of Instagram quickly and we do not doubt that many of her fans begin to subscribe to the profile of the also host.

It is worth mentioning that with only a few days in OnlyFans, García has achieved that his photos on this social network have a total of between 2,000 and 3,000 likes; In addition, the subscription to your profile is 20 dollars per month (the equivalent of 397 Mexican pesos per month).

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On the other hand, there is a very strong stigma with this social network that began to gain popularity during the quarantine, since although there are profiles where you can find 100% explicit photos and videos, it also serves to share exercise routines, cooking recipes and classes of Yoga.

So probably the fitness girl uses this platform to also share more content about healthy life, just like she does in the application she works with and on her social networks, so you should be very attentive in everything she shares every day. day to be well updated with each of your publications.