Tuilla take home three points after beating Lenense 0-1

04/04/2021 at 4:42 PM CEST

The Tuilla achieved a victory against Lenense 0-1 during their first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which took place this Sunday in the Apptelo Sotón. After the result obtained, the visiting team remained in second position with 30 points and the home team is sixth with 25 points in the locker at the end of the duel.

During the first half of the game, none of the players managed to score, so during the first 45 minutes the scoreboard did not move from the initial 0-0.

In the second part, luck came for him Tuilla, who took the opportunity to open the scoring thanks to the success of Borja Noval in minute 65, concluding the confrontation with a final result of 0-1.

The referee showed a yellow card to Tuilla (Leto), while the home team did not see any.

With this result, the Lenense gets 25 points and the Tuilla goes up to 30 points.

During the next round, the second of the Second Phase of Third Division, the Lenense will play his match against him Magpie CF at home. For his part, Tuilla will play at home his match against him Gijón Industrial.

Data sheetLenense:Javi Torres, Alexandre Otero, Díaz, Jairo, Pablo Sánchez, Ousmane, Abel, José Santullano, Nacho Prieto, Julio and BlancoTuilla:Milín, Leto, Pablo Prendes, Beni, Jandro, Álvaro Pozo, Nacho Méndez, Marcos Iglesias, Nico Arce, Carlos Viesca and Borja NovalStadium:Apptelo SotónGoals:Borja Noval (0-1, min. 65)