Before the concert began, last Friday, July 24, the initiative was presented Crew Nation Presents. Nacho Cordoba representative of Live nation thanked the attendees for participating in this initiative of La Riviera that “it seeks to reactivate live music in theaters and help the backbone of live music, which are the sound technicians, lighting technicians, loading and unloading ”. This initiative is a series of concerts designed to support and give visibility to all those workers and professionals in the music industry. “The proceeds from these concerts are intended for them, without them this could not work ”.

Then the basic rules of stay in the room were presented, required by the health authorities to control the COVID’19. The mask is compulsory throughout the concert, everyone has to stay in their seat during the concert, not invade the space of the “non-family unit”, do not share glasses between what is not a family unit and finally at the end of the concert stay in the chairs until the area security chief indicates the exit. It is fair to recognize the rigorous and adequate security measures imposed by the hall, at the entrance, during and the orderly exit of the concert.

The concert begins. On the stage Hector Lacosta (Singing voice and guitar), Felix Vigara (Flamenco guitar)Alberto Vallecillo (Drawer and choirs), Antonio Pérez (Keyboards), Pablo González (Low) and Nino Bagnoli (Battery).

The concert begins with “I go” from the album “Truth or Dare” to put the boniteros in motion and they slipped through their fingers to continue with “Beautiful”and “Shouts” until arriving at one of the stellar moments of the night presenting the new theme “The truth”. Before Hector Lacosta The band’s leader thanked those present for their commitment to culture and for supporting all the staff that made the concerts possible.

Songs from the albums followed “Lone Man Broom” and “The Cortijo” as “Alone”, “A little”, interpreted this theme with the leader only on stage, and the “Want to” to get to interpret another of the songs from the next album that his fans already know too well the vitalist “White horse” with a masterful interpretation.

With the audience paradoxically seated, but with the vocal cords, at full capacity, themes such as “Flowers”, “Wings of the sea”, “Queena lagarta”, “Camel” or “Greenish blue”.

And to close the songs “Crazy with love” and “Burned down” as if it were a single version. The audience had enjoyed themselves in such a singular concert, dancing seated, and dismissed the band with a closed and heartfelt ovation. The departure was made respecting the rules of the Riviera Room and everyone wanted to listen again, dance and accompany Tu Otra Bonita.

People often label Your other pretty As a group that does “psychedelic rumba” or “indie mestizo” but the truth is that their music cannot be classified in one style. They demonstrate it once again with the works of what will be their fourth album: “White horse”, a theme that tells us the importance of choosing a partner in life[email protected] to achieve personal goals, we need compan[email protected] travel, whether or not they are achieved: “Diamonds and gold, red petals, white horse”. And with the second advance “The truth” that tells us about the vital moment of people where and when time does not heal everything and your heart hurts, there will always be a hope and music is consolation. It is an intimate and profound song that pursues the sincere, the authentic. It is fair to comment that they are having many views and reproductions. Both tracks have been produced by the Swedish Tomas Tirtha.

Your other pretty They are a band from Madrid that started without the support of a record company and with little presence in specialized music media but with their live shows they were gaining followers, who immediately acquired the category of fans “Boniteros”, and with his clever releases of “albums by issues” and the tables that ten years of theater and festival stages give you and a lot of talent for teaching live he has achieved in music the most difficult: Being identifiable, having their own unique style and a legion of boniteros who know the deep meaning of their lyrics and sing them with a singular passion. Just yesterday in the strange “concert in chairs” forced by the measures imposed to guarantee safety at concerts we were able to verify it. Surely musicians accustomed to seeing their audience dance missed them; but they have felt the loyalty of that legion of followers who know the lyrics and sang-chanted with the band.

Your other pretty It has earned the recognition of the public that merges pop, flamenco, rumba and funk, making their live shows a party where you want to be, feel and participate. Every two years they present a new job and that’s how they arrived “Solitario hombre escoba” (2013-2014), “The Cortijo” (2016) and his last study job “Truth or Dare?” (2018) which is a mixture of psychedelic rumba, mongrel indie and pop-rock with great reception and a very good live performance. From the fourth album they have already presented the songs “White horse” and “The truth”.