Tu Fanático: The Perfect Remix

“Tu Fanático” is the name of the song that recently premiered on all digital platforms and the reality is that it is a perfect remix, you are going to love it. We will tell you all the details of this new material here at Music News.

“Tu Fanático” premiered on April 29 and is a work that includes not one artist, not two! But more talented artists who are involved in contemporary music that is composed of various genres, various mixes and above all, a lot of variety and fusions.

We refer to nothing more and nothing less than Pedro Capó, Nicki Nicole, De La Ghetto and it is a collaboration that has left absolutely all its fans speechless.

The official video clip of this song to date on YouTube accumulates and exceeds one million views!

This song of course did not take long to receive wonderful samples from its audience, “I am totally sure that you will continue to have more and more hits”

“The great body of Pedro Capó and the voice of Nicki Nicole! Nice theme ”,“ I imagine Nicki singing her part of this song to thunder ”,“ Nicki gave it all crying, she looks beautiful! And she is so talented. Nicki I love you “

What are you going to see in the video? Very sensual, minimalist and abstract scenes will be all you can enjoy in this wonderful video clip by Tu Fanático.

A piece of love, of great sensuality, and above all great illusion. When you listen to Your Fanatic, what is the first thing that comes to your mind, or who… is the real question? Check out the video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7i1pkf-CbY