Tsunoda Will Shine Despite “Multiple Accidents” Guaranteed, According To Tost

All the pressure of the 2021 season at AlphaTauri will fall on the shoulders of the young Japanese driver, Yuki Tsunoda, who will have to face an experienced teammate who was given a chance at Red Bull years ago by the management.

After being demoted from the first team in favor of Max Verstappen and spending a year away from Formula 1 before returning in 2019, Daniil Kvyat definitively stopped counting for the structure of the energy drink heading into the upcoming season. a free seat that left a large number of pilots waiting to be confirmed or denied according to a criterion in which the feared Helmut Marko had the ability to influence.

Finally, the strong ties with Honda ended up swinging the balance in favor of the young man Yuki tsunoda: At 20, the Japanese driver will land in the premier category of motorsport with the firm intention of crediting the stripes that have made him reach this point. “For 2021 we have an interesting pair of pilots: an experienced pilot and a rookie”, briefly summed up a Franz Tost who couldn’t be more pleased with his pupils for this campaign.

“Yuki has performed many impressive overtaking maneuvers”

“I recognize that Pierre is one of the strongest drivers in Formula 1 today; His good technical knowledge allows him to get the most out of the car. He has been with the team for a while, so he is familiar with all the processes and our way of working. He will be a great leader in helping Yuki in his development. He knows how to win a race, as he demonstrated at Monza last year, and we hope that if we provide him with a competitive car he will be very successful this season, ”added Tost.

«On the other hand we have Yuki: he finished third in Formula 2 and, watching his races, I must admit he did a fantastic job, winning races and performing many impressive overtaking maneuvers, ”said AlphaTauri’s head of the race track, fascinated by his driving skills. “He has already completed several tests with us aboard a Formula 1, and I am convinced that he will have a successful career debut thanks to his natural speed and talent.”

Error, the order of the day

The spotlight will be on Tsunoda in her debut season.

However, Tost is fully aware that Tsunoda’s career will not be a bed of roses precisely, ruling out at all times that the complicated episodes that the Japanese may face will mean a setback in his journey. “Your learning curve will be quite steep, you should be able to get a good performance pretty quickly. Of course, he will suffer several accidents, that is part of his development programBut he has extraordinary car control, great braking force and fast cornering speed, ”he dropped clearly.

“You should be able to get a good performance pretty quickly”

“All drivers compare themselves to their teammates, and Yuki can learn a lot from Pierre in all aspects. For example, comparing the lap times, the car settings, the lines … If you continue with your learning process, as you did in the tests in Imola and Abu Dhabi last year, I am sure that we will see fantastic races from you“Tost concluded.