Trust’s Best Mother’s Day Gifts – Wow Tech Moms! | Technology

Choosing the best gift for Mother’s Day It is often a real headache, since, although there is only one mother and we all love her very much, sometimes they can be more demanding of the account.

Fortunately, Trust, a benchmark brand in digital accessories, has a wide variety of products capable of delighting tech loving moms.

The options are many and very varied, and thanks to these devices we will be able to make her telework days a little more bearable for our mother, improve her audio quality when she listens to music or, for more “gamer” mothers, take her games to a new level. Let’s take a look at these gifts!

For mothers who telework

Puck rechargeable wireless mouse: telecommuting in style

If her home is still her office, this is the perfect gift for her. The mouse Mouse Puck has been designed to be able to work comfortably thanks to its ultra-slim design and its rechargeable battery.

It has dual wireless connectivity and includes a micro usb receiver to connect it to any PC or laptop. In addition, when the work is finished, the receiver can be stored in the mouse itself to prevent it from being lost.

On the other hand, can be connected via Bluetooth to both a laptop and an iPad (iOS 13.4 or higher) and is available in black, pink and blue.

The Puck mouse has a RRP of € 19.99.

Ody keyboard and mouse: silence and comfort

Perfect for him telecommuting, the keyboard that includes the set Ody from Trust It is full-size, with an adjustable foot that allows it to be adjusted to the desired height and is resistant to spillage.

Furthermore, it is wireless and has 50% quieter keys than conventional models, which avoids inconvenience to the rest of your family when you work from home.

The mouse is ergonomic and stands out for its great comfort. It has rubber sides to provide a firmer grip, making it a robust accessory that allows you to work without limitations.

The Trust Ody keyboard and mouse has a RRP of € 24.99.

Rydo Headphones: Convenience for Video Calls

The Rydo headphones offer great comfort thanks to their pads covered in leatherette. With a compact design, these headphones are the ideal companions if we need to move freely.

The Rydos come with a 1.8m cable with USB connection and they have volume controlas well as a button to mute the microphone immediately.

Of course, this device is totally compatible with the most popular video calling apps, like Zoom, Teams or Skype, so there is no video call that can resist you.

Trust Rydo headphones have a RRP of € 19.99.

For mothers who do not stop

Nika Touch Bluetooth headphones: with music everywhere

These modern wireless bluetooth headphones they have a premium design that encourages us to enjoy our favorite music to the fullest.

The Nika Touch Bluetooth they have a 10 meter wireless range and they can be worn comfortably throughout the day, as they have a secure and soft fit thanks to their silicone construction.

His drums offers up 6 hours of playback with a single charge and, in addition, its cover allows charging for a total of up to 16 hours of use.

These headphones are available in black, white, pink, mint and blue, and in three sizes (S, M and L), which allows us to choose the model that best suits our ear.

As if this were not enough, the Nika Touch Bluetooth are very comfortable and easy to use, since the touch control allows you to manage your music with a single touch, take a phone call or quickly access the voice assistant via the built-in microphone.

Trust Nika Touch Bluetooth headphones have a RRP of € 24.99.

Primo Ultra-thin Power Bank – Always Connected

With the Extreme battery 10,000 mAh Ultra-thin Primo you can charge your devices quickly even when you are not at home.

It is compact design, to carry in any pocket, and totally Compatible with USB-A or USB-C ports.

It has the capacity to charge three devices simultaneously, and provides a great autonomy, since it is capable of fully charging the phone up to 4 times (guaranteeing up to an additional 46 hours) or an additional 12 hours in the case of a tablet.

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets on the market, its smart LED indicator It always informs us of its state of charge and, in addition, it is available in black, turquoise, pink, white and blue.

The Primo Ultra-thin external battery has a Recommended RRP of € 19.99

Tones Wireless Cases – Sleek and Stylish

The helmets Tones wireless, offer an enhanced and continuous experience, as a single charge guarantees up to 25 hours of playback.

They incorporate a button on the headset to directly access the smartphone’s voice assistant and make hands-free calls via the built-in microphone.

They have a very comfortable design thanks to its soft leatherette pads and its adjustable and foldable headband, which makes them perfect to transport them everywhere inside the bag.

Additionally, Tones cases can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 10 meters, or with the included 3.5 mm cable. They are available in black, turquoise, pink, white and blue.

The Tones wireless headphones have a RRP of € 29.99

For gamer mothers

GXT 716 Rizza chair: comfort, design and lighting in a single accessory

Trust’s latest addition to his family of chairs specially designed for gaming is the GXT 716 Rizza.

This chair allows a complete customization of your RGB LED lighting, which combines more than 350 colors and effects on the edges, and that can be customized through a wireless remote control, which allows you to configure colors, effects and adjust the brightness.

The comfort and design go hand in hand with the GXT 716 Rizza, as it also has cervical and lumbar pads, a height-adjustable seat with lift and reclining backrest. It is the perfect accessory if you are looking for an attractive personalized style and full of comfort.

The GXT 716 Rizza chair has a Recommended RRP of € 299

GXT 323W Carus Headphones: For Long Gaming Games

The GXT 323W Carus headset for PlayStation 5 Not only have they been redesigned to fit the PS5 aesthetic, but they also enhance the gaming experience by allowing complete isolation from the user.

Its high-quality sound with penetrating and thunderous bass is ideal for all types of genres, including online games, as incorporate flexible microphone.

Thanks to its adjustable headband and mesh ear cups, comfort is guaranteed even in the longest gaming sessions.

In addition, and to make it even more practical, the GXT 323W Carus include controls that allow us to adjust the audio volume or mute the microphone easily.

The GXT 323W Carus headphones have a RRP of € 39.99

Trust GXT 833 Thado TKL metal keyboard – compact design for easy portability

The Trust GXT 833 Thado keyboard It is TKL design, which translates into a 20% smaller than a full-size one, but offers the same stability and comfort.

In this way, it takes up less space on the desk and is very easy to transport, which is an advantage for those gamers who take their keyboard anywhere.

This beautiful keyboard also has a metal plate that gives it a robust designas well as with multi-color LED lighting and “breathing” light effect, in which the lighting is made gradually playing with contrasts of colors and intensity.

The Trust GXT 833 Thado TKL metal keyboard has a RRP of € 24.99